Helping Others and Being Prepared

I'd just enjoyed a fun brunch with a friend, and I was honestly stunned by what I was hearing especially after reports of flooding and death due to recent flooding in Southeast Asia, Siera Leone, and Europe... Of course my first instinct is to fold my hands and pray, but that is step, I started researching ways in which I can also use my hands to physically help. Here are some of the suggestions I found:
1. Donate wheelchairs

2. Donate blood also topped many lists

3. If you're local, donate Baby Food, Baby Formula, Diapers, Medical Supplies, Plus Sized Clothes, Baby and Children's Clothing

4.  Donate Toiletries

5. Check with your local SPCA to see if they are housing and caring for displaced animals if so donate time as a volunteer

If you would prefer to give cash an article on ABC suggests checking with charity monitoring organizations like Give Well, Charity, Navigator, Charity Watch, or Better Business Bureau

Do you have any other suggestions? If so please share and I'll help spread the word 🙏🏾👊🏾

It's always important to prepare, I've learned if I can organize my shoes, clothes, business files, I can organize a preparedness kit. Here is what Homeland security suggests for people living with disabilities,  I understand that an emergency can occur at any time, and so I want to put together a Family Communication Plan, that all family members can digitally save and print a copy to have access to when needed.