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Austin expertly developed the look and feel of

Austin Belisle is a Creative Director and Graphic and Web Designer for both Verge Collective Brand Consultancy and Austin Belisle Design, specializing in High-End Luxury Design. His love for art and design at a young age translated into a focus in art direction and management in college. Austin graduated from the Art Institute of California Los Angeles with his Bachelor's in Graphic and Web Design and will soon be pursuing his Master's Degree in Design Management. 

"I've always had one goal: Make the world a better place through art and design". 
I love taking smaller "mom and pop" businesses and turning them into mega powerhouse establishments, giving them the design aesthetic(s) that they need to compete in their respective marketplaces!

"I worked with Stephanie a couple years ago on a smaller project for school, but we reconnected after I graduated from college. I have always been a fan of her work and how she established Cur8able. I knew that she needed help taking this brand to the next level and I knew just how to take her there. No one is doing what she is, the way she is, and this is what gave be the inspiration to design Cur8able in a way that would be distinguishable, modern, and approachable. The rest is history...