WHAT IS CUR8ABLE.com about?

That's a great question I'm glad you asked. I'm Stephanie, and I'm a congenital amputee missing digits on my right hand and feet. For 26 years I've researched clothing and retail trends for people with disabilities. What started as a Miss America preliminary pageant platform, grew into a hobby, and has now morphed into my life's work.

I wanted a place to go online that was all about dressing with disabilities. Since I couldn't find one, I created (Cure-eight-uh-bul) Cur8able.com, a fashion lifestyle blog all about dressing with disabilities out loud and in style!


if there are adaptive designers around the world why is your work necessary?

Another amazing question, you are on point! Although there are many adaptive designers, very few design functional clothing that is also fashionable. My Disability Fashion Styling System™ (DFSS) acts as a bridge between where the fashion industry is and where it's going. I believe that someday we'll have more fashionable adaptive clothing, but until then, I'll continue to use my DFSS™ to empower people with disabilities enjoy dressing and shopping with dignity and self reliance.

WHAT IS DISABILITY FASHION STYLING, and why do you use the word disability?

Disability Fashion Styling™ is a term I coined in 2004. It is the art and science of personal shopping and fashion styling for people living with disabilities.

I use the term disability to clearly define my area of expertise. Also, it's how I personally self identify. For me the term disability does not mean disabled, and it's not negative, it's normal. Having the right to choose how to self identify is empowering for all people. As a group we are not a monolith. We are diverse and therefore express diverse opinions. 


isn't this a niche market?

Hmmmm, lets see, nope. According to the World Health Organization on Disability 1 in 5 people in the world live with a disability, and our disposable income along with the disposable income of our families, and friends is over1 trillion dollars. I don't know about you, but that's not niche to me, especially when you consider the fact that anyone can become a person with a disability at any time.





Another great question, you're on a roll! Well, a Cur8tor is the way I describe the Cur8able social media contributors. As a disability fashion stylist I meet a lot of interesting influencers, so I invited a few of them to share their love of fashion and beauty, on Cur8able's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Our team includes an international fashion industry branding consultant, a disability thought leader, a disability advocate, several actors, You Tube content creator, nail tech, body-positive advocate and an award winning TV producer/model.




As a social entrepreneur specializing in dressing with disabilities I provide design and retail consultation. Using my Disability Fashion Styling System™, I work with fashion brands and retailers that are interested in meeting the needs of fashion customers living out loud and in style with disabilities.




What is social entrepreneurship?

The dictionary on Google defines social entrepreneurship as "a person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or effecting social change." I am a social entrepreneur specializing in dressing with disabilities.


Well, adaptive brands are designed to adapt to one or more specific disabilities. For example clothing designed for people with seated body types are adapted for sitting as oppose to standing. 
While universal brands are designed with broad functionality so that people with and without disabilities can wear the same clothing beautifully and safely.