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Michelle Obama Honors Late Founder of Special Olympics at ESPY Awards


Cur8able Photo Shoot | Model: Katy Sullivan


pronounced (cure-eight-uh-bul) is disability friendly fashion blog by trusted Los Angeles based Disability Fashion Stylist and Consultant Stephanie Thomas.

Welcome to Cur8able! I'm Stephanie and as a congenital amputee I know what it's like to shop and dress with disabilities. Two decades ago I fell in love with researching fashion brands and retail trends for people with disabilities.

Today I'm one of fewer than 10 people in the world working exclusively as a disability fashion stylist and consultant. I use fashion styling and beauty hacks as transformational tools to challenge negative perceptions of people with disabilities. I love my work as a Disability Fashion Stylist, it allows me to meet amazing people:

  • Influencers
  • Actors
  • Thought Leaders
  • Fashion professionals

all dressing with disabilities OUT LOUD and IN STYLE!  So, I've asked a few of them to join me on Cur8able as Cur8tors, cute title, huh?  As Cur8tors, they share their journeys, and curate their favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. Say hello, I'd love to hear from you.

With Grace and Style,




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A cur8tor is my nick name for Cur8able contributors. I've invited nine Cur8tors to share their love for fashion, beauty, healthy living and travel on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Our team includes an international fashion industry branding consultant, a disability thought leader, a disability advocate, an actress, You Tube content creator, media host, nail tech, a travel agency owner and an award winning TV producer/model. 

Oftentimes people with disabilities are greeted with the phrase, "Oh you are so inspirational", not because of their expertise, but because of their disability. Make no mistake about we are more than inspirational we are INFLUENTIAL, and we would love to work with you.



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What is Disability Fashion Styling? Why does it matter? I answer these questions and more in my TEDx Talk delivered at TEDxYYC, the third largest TEDx event in Canada. TEDx Innovations featured my talk as 1 of 7 talks that highlight people with disabilities. 

My goal with this talk is to empower as many people as possible, so please watch and share the TEDx TALK with anyone you think it may help. If you'd like to learn more about my story here is a link.

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