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Stephanie Thomas, M.A., M.A.C.

Stephanie Thomas, M.A., M.A.C.

Stephanie thomas

cur8able.com editor| DISABILITY FASHION styling EXPERT


As a Disability Fashion Styling expert I use my Disability Fashion Styling System™, to curate looks and consult fashion industry professionals on how to better meet the styling needs of people with disabilities. Why me?  I'm a congenital amputee missing toes and a right thumb so I've been a disability fashion stylist all my life. In addition, I've  researched clothing and retail trends for  people with disabilities for 25 years. Why now? Today, social media has brought people with disabilities out of the shadows and now the adaptive sector of the fashion industry is a bubbling up trend that has many industry professionals seeking out my expertise. I'm uniquely qualified to provide insight into adaptive and universal design, marketing, and content creation strategies.


I've wanted a place to go online that was all about dressing with disabilities. Since I couldn't find one, I created Cur8able.com. I curate my favorite clothing brands, footwear, and accessories. I also share style hacks and news you should know about the adaptive sector of the fashion industry. 



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Dressing with Disabilities Out Loud and In Style!

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