Ethiopian designers come together to dress models with various disabilities. Actor and model Sabela Kadir is feels more confident in the look designed for her by Tigest Demesse. Read More.


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From to the hollywood reporter parsons student, lucy jones was celebrated for winning theprestigious womenswear designer of the year award. congrats lucy on joining the many women and men committed to meeting the design needs of people with disabilities.

I'll get right to the point, I really like the avant garde flair of the collection. I even like the way the looks are styled. More than anything else I love the fact that this collection has the attention of the american mainstream fashion industry.

Look, I know the model is not a wheelchair user, and that the wheelchair appears outdated. I also know, this is not the first collection for people with seated body types, but here is how I see it, if this collection captures the attention of the fashion industry that's a blessing. It's an opportunity for a dialouge...that will eventually change the landscape of the fashion industry. So celebrate lucy jones and the part she's playing in this industry.

Thanks fashionista for the great article!

Photo Credit: Lucy Jones. Parson's student lucy jones's "seated collection."


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Styling Review: I have not held the product in my hands, but just on first glance I like the black and tan colorsm and would love to see this product in a variety of "nude" colors for different complexions. This will immediately make this product easier to use when working with clients that prefer to draw less attention to their assistive technology. But I definitely like the idea of this product, it's smart, and necessary.

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