Style Minute: Tailoring

Since Ready to Wear is never really ready to wear, everyone needs the number of a good tailor in your phone. That way when you need a tailor you'll have one. I have loved going to the thrift store since I was a young girl so, when I'm shopping at the thrift store I always look for the best quality piece, without a lining that can be tailored if needed. A good tailor is worth the investment, and they're easy to find by searching tailors on your favorite search engine and reading reviews. I personally prefer tailors over seamstresses that are often found in the dry cleaner. Cuffing a pair of pants is not the same as taking in a pair of pants, it's my personal preference, but if you are going to get a tailor, you might as well get a good one who has a reasonable price list. In this Style Minute, I share why.

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