New York Times Says Adaptive Clothing is New Fashion Frontier

This article was published in the New York Times on July 19th, 2016 approximately a month after I presented my first TEDx Talk at TEDxYYC in the beautiful city of Calgary in Alberta Canada. When I read it I was still on a high from the TEDx Talk and preparing to judge Ms. Wheelchair USA in Ohio. 

Why am I sharing it a year later? This article in this paper is a big deal, a really big deal. For years I've talked with adaptive designers, other people with disabilities, care givers, and rehab professionals who agree that something has to change in the mainstream industry to assure more clothing options for people with disabilities. This article was an indicator that a shift is happening and it was right. From Stephanie Alve's deal with Walmart to Lucy Jones' rise to prominence in the fashion industry to Tommy Hilfiger's Adaptive line with Runway of Dreams, to Magna Ready's deal with Van Heusen. Finally, after 25 years I could see that things were starting to change in a major way. Now, if you've followed this industry for a decade or more you know that the states are about a decade behind Europe in this sector of the fashion industry. However, these collaborations with mainstream retailers and brands and articles like this mean signify change is coming.

Stephanierecent, opinion