Style Minute: Cost Per Wear


Cost Per Wear or CPW is a formula used when shopping to determine if the purchase you're making is a smart choice financially. There are more complex versions of the CPW formula, but for the purpose of this post I want to keep it as straight forward and simple as possible. I'd actually like for you to use this formula the next time you're making you purchasing an investment piece like outerwear, suit,  or quality, fashionable clothing designed with your disability, and body type in mind.

Here is an example of how CPW works. This super cute linen Reformation Lucilia Dress cost $198 and must be dry cleaned (preferably at a Green dry cleaner). If you were to wear this dress 30 times in one year you would essentially bepaying $6.60 per wear. As oppose to paying maybe $12 -$15 for a similar model dress only to have to replace it after a couple of washes. How did I get $6.60? I followed the formula below and divided $198 by 30 which is $6.60.

Is the CPW formula for everyone? No, some people like to shop and buy the latest trends and they enjoy purchasing inexpensive trendy pieces that freshen up their wardrobes. While others prefer to shop less and pay more for the clothes they do purchase so that they last longer. This type of shopper doesn't want to wear the latest trends all the time. They most likely have discovered their personal style and are very comfortable with sticking to what works for their body type and lifestyle. Then there is the shopper who is on a fixed budget and doesn't have a lot of disposable income to shop.

My personal thoughts...Well, I share them in the video.

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