Disability Fasion Styling System™

In 2004 I was living on the East Coast and working in radio. After corresponding with marketing representatives of a well-known fashion brand for about six months I was flown to California to meet the head designer of the brand and discuss the idea of designing clothing and accessories for people with disabilities. At least that's what I thought the trip was about. However, when I arrived the head designer shared a story about her mom's work in rehabilitation, told me I would be designing adaptive accessories for their brand, introduced me to the others designers and gave me a sweater and jeans, and never took my calls again. 

It was that experience that led me to develop my Disability Fashion Styling System™. I was done begging designers to see the value in fashion customers with disabilities. I needed something of my own that I could use to empower people. My Disability Fashion Styling System™ acts as a bridge between where the fashion industry is today and where it's inevitably going.