TED Talks and Dressing with Disabilities

I love TED Talks! So, in 2016 when I was invited to take the stage and share my Disability Fashion Styling System™ at TEDxYYC, the third largest TEDx event in Canada, I was honored and thrilled. It was incredible to stand before an audience and share my life's work.

Dressing with disabilities is challenging and ostracizing for millions of people. My Disability Fashion Styling System™ presents one approach to addressing this serious issue. Today, there are many powerful voices and practitioners helping to change the landscape of fashion to include people with disabilities.  Here are a few them, who also happen to be TED speakers.

  • Sinéad Burke, a writer, educator, speaker who happens to be a little woman. Interestingly enough Burke is also speaking this week at the prestigous  Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland.
  • Mindy Scheier, a mom and fashion designer determined to help her son dress fashionably and independently. 
  • Liz Jackson, founder and Chief Advocacy Officer of the Inclusive Fashion & Design Collective, helping businesses meet the needs and tastes of people with disabilities.
  •  Elise Roy, lawyer, and founder of Elise Roy and Associates, empowering designers to design with disabilities in mind.

We are all from distinctly different backgrounds but our messages echo each other. Over two decades ago, one question introduced me to the idea of dressing with disabilities, so I'll leave you with one question that will hopefully spark something in you,

"If you were a person with a disability what dressing options and shopping choices would you want"?

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