Dressing without Arms and Legs

10 Tips for Women Dressing without Arms and Legs

Following the guidelines of my Disability Fashion Styling System™, here are 10 tips for women dressing without arms and legs.

  1. Before you do anything create a Pinterest board of your favorite styles.
  2. Focus on shirts and dresses that have visual interest at the top. Features like V-neck, scallop neckline, cold shoulder, halter, one sleeve etc...
  3. If you see two looks you like, go for the one with the most interesting fabric. An example would be a beautiful one sleeve lace top with elastane. Elastane makes it easier to put on and take-off with or without a dresser. NOTE: This style top and fabric is just a suggestion, every body is different and you must dress your body. 
  4. Select your top 6 looks and consult with a tailor before purchasing anything, to get an idea of the least expensive piece(s) to alter. What I do is look for pieces that require simple hemming and maybe a little tailoring in the waist. creating a waistline is essential. If you have no legs and arms and carry weight around your waist, a fit and flare dress may help create that crucial waistline. Of course, this depends on your individual bodice.
  5. Look for bold colors that make your skin pop.
  6. Choose fabrics cut on the bias or nylon, spandex, elastane blends.
  7. Girls dresses in medium, large, and extra-large tend to work really well and require less hemming.
  8. Also, I've personally found the best time to purchase more formal looking dresses is after the holidays and more professional looks before school or Easter holiday.
  9. Don't forget about Adaptive and Inclusive fashion collections like Tommy Adaptive that offers a nice selection for girls.
  10. Don't forget about the thrift store. Gently worn children's clothing is very affordable, and oftentimes the thrift store sells women's clothing in extra small. Plus you can score unique finds that match your lifestyle and aesthetic.