A Letter of Thanks to American Eagle Outfitters

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Dear American Eagle Outfitters,

First, kudos for prioritizingand working to create a personal shopping experience for fashion customers with disabilities. Second, it's no secret that many people, with and without disabilities, prefer the speed and convenience of online shopping. So overall I really like the concept and creativity behind the Beam App, it's a smart idea. It provides personalized, virtual service for people with disabilities when needed. Especially with the ongoing challenges and time constraints of Access transportation. Third, Since I've followed clothing and retail trends for people with disabilities for over two decades and today I work as a stylist for influencers and actors with disabilities, I'm literally always in the stores, so I know that many sales associates are not equipped with the knowledge needed to assist fashion customers with disabilities. Here is where I can help, using my Disability Fashion Styling System I can personally train or write curriculum for your retail associates. I'm available to assist. Thank's again for prioritizing one of the largest most overlooked people groups in the world. I look forward to hearing from you.



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