My Kind of Sweats

Image Credit: Norma Kamali Instagram

When someone is injured they are usually encouraged to wear sweats while recovering. This is also true for people who live with various disabilities. I often say, "back away from the sweats", since the recommended sweats are usually unattractive and ill-fitting. But these are my kind of sweats, this jumpsuit is so cute. The Norma Komali Turtle Cargo Jumpsuit in ginger is Accessible, Smart, and Fashionable™ for many body types, including seated body types, those with limited dexterity and more . Here are the features that make this functional.

  1. Terry - tends to be soft and absorbs moisture

  2. Pull on - this is great for dressing with or without assistance

  3. Long sleeves - there is a bit of a drop sleeve which makes it even easier to put on and take off, which is helpful when you have difficulty lifting your arm or if you live with temporary or permanent paralysis

  4. Elasticized waist - this provides a more tailored appearance

  5. Front cargo pockets - great for all body types of course, but pockets on the thighs are helpful for people with seated body types

  6. Front zip closure (the newer versions even have hook and loop)- the long zipper closure makes the jumpsuit it's even

  7. Cuffed ankle - provides flexibility when dressing with some leg braces (it depends on the thickness of the braces)

  8. Machine wash cold - easy care

  9. Cotton/spandex blend - cotton is a natural, breathable breathable fabric, while spandex is lightweight and provides even more stretch

Check out the latest prints and colors. What do you think?

Image Credit: Norma Kamali Website


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