Rock It Out

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

I always have fun working with the incredible @ZapposAdaptive team. The one thing I've come to love about working with Zappos Adaptive is, they allow me to dress models in clothing that people with similar body types can also wear. I have a graduate degree in Fashion Journalism, I have trained in fashion styling with industry icons like Stacy London, and I worked as a television producer so I know what it means to "get the shot" on set, I know the difference between personal styling and styling for a photo shoot, but as a consumer, you can be sure that when you see looks posted by Zappos Adaptive, those looks are styled with your body type in mind, it goes beyond "just getting the look". This is why I love working with the team.

What makes these looks "adaptive"? Guided by my Disability Fashion Styling System™ I selected pieces that were easy to put on and take off for Chauntal and Lolo and people with similar body types. Honestly, like I discuss in my textbook, Fitting In: The Social Implications of Fashion and Dressing with Disabilities, dress management is important, people want to look stylish, people want to dress with dignity, and people want to be associated with aspirational brands.

Let's begin with Chauntal, when dressing with one hand you need to select pieces that allow you to dress independently...with one hand. That may sound obvious, but many people select a look they love no matter how accessible it is, and forget to look for an accessible version of that look. The skirt has a front zipper so no struggling to zip the skirt in the back or zipping and spinning the skirt around. It's fully accessible.White booties are everywhere, but these adorable booties are made accessible because of the side zippers.

Lolo's look works well for someone who has dexterity challenges, limitations with raising their arms, and someone with a seated body type. As soon as I saw the the laceless slip-on white creepers by Native on Zappos Adaptive, I knew they would be the focal point of her look. Biker shorts are are easy for Lolo to put on and take off, and the sleeveless shirt does not require her to raise her right arm. Both looks are Accessible, Smart and Fashionable™, and can be found on shop these looks on Zappos Adaptive and .

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