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"I am a congenital amputee missing digits on my right hand and feet, and I've followed clothing and retail trends for people with disabilities for 26 years. As a social entrepreneur specializing in dressing with disabilities, I use my Disability Fashion Styling System™ (DFSS) to empower others with disabilities to dress with as much choice, dignity, and self reliance as possible."


Stephanie thomas


Stephanie wanted a place to go online that was all about dressing with disabilities. Since she couldn't find one, she created Guided by her personal experiences and her Disability Fashion Styling System™ she curates brands, footwear, and accessories. She also shares, news you should know about adaptive fashion, and "geeks out" weekly on all things related to dressing with disabilities on her podcast Disability Fashion Styling™.



Disability Fashion Styling Expert and former television and radio personality Stephanie Thomas, is the founder of Stephanie uses her Disability Fashion Styling System™ to curate fashion for people with disabilities and consult fashion industry leaders.

Stephanie’s involvement in this field dates back 26 years. As a congenital amputee missing digits on her right hand and feet, she’s personally experienced the frustration of shopping for clothing, accessories and footwear that meet the standards of her Disability Fashion Styling System™.

December 2006, Stephanie stumbled upon an adorable London fog-like trench coat; complete with pockets and a belt. This adorable, fully functional coat was for a dog. Seeing that coat sparked a question that still resonates today: why are there more in-store clothing options for pets than for people with disabilities, especially wheelchair users? If we can design clothing for pets, why can’t we design more clothing for people with disabilities?

In 2007, while working as a morning drive radio personality, Stephanie packed away all of her clothing and wore pajamas monogrammed The PJ Deejay for 365 days straight. During that year she passed out flyers, delivered keynote speeches, and discussed The PJ Deejay campaign daily during her radio show. This campaign changed the trajectory of her career, it motivated her to leave the media industry, go back to school for a second graduate degree and become a trailblazer in the field of fashion journalism and styling.

Stephanie not only shares her unique perspective on, she is also the go-to stylist in Hollywood for actors and influencers with disabilities, she hosts a podcast, Disability Fashion Styling, travels internationally as a keynote speaker, and consults fashion industry leaders. She also serves on the Board of Directors for No Limits Media, and volunteers as a seminar leader for Dress for Success.

“My disability affects my feet, so finding the perfect footwear to complete a look feels (insert audible exhale)…I can’t put that feeling into words, but each time I dress a client I want them to experience that same feeling. My hope is, that feeling will positively impact their self efficacy and enhance their ability to become gainfully employed.”