dru presta

body positive cur8tor

Dru is redefining what it means to be a body positive influencer.

Dru Presta is showing the world that sexy has no height restrictions. She shares exclusive insights on her career as a model, actress, and body positive influencer in the life of a little person. She came from a small town in Nevada and began her life in Los Angeles with big dream to change the perception of beauty and fashion. Her passion for fashion made her stand out against the crowd, despite her size, she strutted her walk with confidence down her path through college. Someone offered an opportunity to do a photo shoot, which later turned into participating in a music video that appeared on MTV and a magazine that promoted, body positive movement for women. Dru also just finished a Documentary on what it was like growing up as a little person and how she’s going to dominate the fashion world. Look out for Dru on the runways or hear her share her voice on self love and being your own type of CEO.