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A Barbados for All...

Posted by Tarita Karsanji Davenock

Known for its sophisticated beaches and enough culture to quench any traveler’s adventurous and inquisitive side, Barbados is a tropical island that can now be accessed by ALL explorers.  Launching, a Fully Accessible Barbados (FAB), an initiative of the Barbados Council for the Disabled, the importance of creating greater accessibility and exploration of the island by those with disabilities is now a concept being adopted by almost everyone on the island - from hoteliers to restaurants and more. "Combining travel needs of those with disabilities with the island’s eclectic terrain - from its rocky eastern shoreline, to the calm, serene waters of its “Platinum Coast,” and changing the landscape of an entire community is a monumental and somewhat daunting task, but seeing a Fully Accessible Barbados is a dream that is quickly becoming a reality," says Deborah Millington, Business Development Officer for Barbados Tourism.  The aim of FAB is to create a cross-section of standards and criteria that help meet some of the challenges travelers may encounter, especially seeing as the prevalence of disability increases steadily with age.

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